Here are some of the apps and companies I've been working with since I fell in love with the touch UX, iOS's refined UI and inclusive usability; and thus moved into full time native iOS-development in 2015 — through employment and independent projects.

Since 2018 I've been working on contracts through Schulz Media AS.


2020 - 2021

Schulz Media AS

100+ apps for 100+ local newspapers

Modernizing and refactoring code. Work with the organization to contribute in building a vision — and start work, on what a native app can be (beyond showing news in web-views, as so many news-"apps" do). Massive DevOps (fastlane/CircleCI) to build 100+ native apps from the same codebase. Develop cool new functionality in SwiftUI, that will hopefully be released Q4 2021 and (together with other improvements) make Amedia a truly great news experience.

Avisa Oslo on App Store

All the apps on App Store



App for handling mobile phone subscriptions and purchases

A short contract for creating a new UI (and UX) for purchasing and renewing the Svitsj (phone swap/replacement)

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2018 - 2019

National broadcasting news and media app

Ongoing maintenance, improvements, simplify code and pay (remove) technical debt, added login, some notifications improvements and more...

User investigations/interviews, design planning and internal meetings with many editorial sections, in team with a (brilliant) designer and ditto back-end developer; to bring the app to the next level, and utilize much more of the native power to make more of NRK's content reachable and personalized for the user.

(NRK was a wonderful place to work, but unfortunately the project didn't come to full fruition, as our contracts ended prematurely due to new top-level financial policies).




A new version with a new UI and UX, based on native conventions, was developed with a great team at Netcompany: A great designer, dedicated project manager, along with Android and backend developers from Poland and myself on iOS.

Due to last minute law-changes, the version we created was put on hold for a long time, and the current version now looks somewhat different.. hence I just set up a simple travel-image for this "screenshot" ;-)

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2017 - 2018

Norway's most used second-hand market app

In-house development at FINN. Create a new experience for organizing, naming and handling photos directly from the top of the form for selling new items. Lots of translation and refactoring from Objective-C to Swift. Internal refactoring to enable new functionality. Working in a large team with great iOS, Android and backend developers.

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KS Proff

2016 - 2017


Created from scratch in a brilliant team at Shortcut. Dedicated designer, project manager, an Android developer and back-end people from the customer (Rørkjøp). A really fun project. One of the most technically advanced apps I've done, with a lot of logic going on in the background, handling and syncing large QA-images on- and offline along with QA-reports and tasks for new projects, while the UI/UX responds quickly and remains clean and simple.

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